Bruegel datasets

Bruegel research is fact-based. Projects that start from a policy question regularly involve the creation of indicators, the gathering of data not readily available from international sources, or even the generation of new data. As part of our commitment to improving economic policy, we make this material readily available for all.

Data Policy: This page provides a number of Bruegel datasets for public use. Users can freely use our data in its unchanged form or after any transformation for any purpose and can freely distribute it, provided that proper attribution is made to the source, but not in any way that suggests that Bruegel endorses the user or their use of the data.


National policies to shield consumers from rising energy prices

Last update: 7 July 2022

Dataset with a (non-exhaustive) overview of the different policies used by countries at national level to mitigate the effect of the energy price spike for consumers.

EU country specific recommendations and implementation rates

Last update: 9 May 2022

Dataset sourced from the following paper: Konstantinos Efstathiou & Guntram Wolff (2022) What drives implementation of the European Union’s policy recommendations to its member countries?, Journal of Economic Policy Reform

Russian crude oil tracker

Last update: 5 July 2022

This dataset aggregates weekly and monthly data on Russian exports of crude oil since the beginning of 2021.

European natural gas imports

Last update: 6 July 2022

This dataset aggregates daily data on European natural gas import flows and storage levels. We hope this dataset – which we will regularly update - provides some easily usable insight into the current status of European natural gas supply situation.

European Union countries’ recovery and resilience plans

Last update: 9 June 2022

The current version of this dataset focuses on planned investment by countries that have submitted their plans. We will update this dataset as remaining countries submit their plans and augment this analysis with a comparison of proposed reforms, also in light of the country-specific recommendations (CSRs) made in the context of the European Semester.

Bruegel electricity tracker of COVID-19 lockdown effects

Last update: 29 November 2021

Daily updates to this dataset compare average weekday hourly electricity demand from the last few weeks in 2020 to the year before. Electricity demand can offer some insight into the ongoing economic effects of COVID-19 and associated lockdowns.

Divisia monetary aggregates for the euro area

Last update: 8 April 2022

This database includes euro-area simple-sum and Divisia monetary aggregates from the paper: Darvas, Zsolt (2014) 'Does Money Matter in the euro Area? Evidence from a New Divisa Index', Working Paper 2014/12, Bruegel, 6 November 2014.

The fiscal response to the economic fallout from the coronavirus

Last update: 24 November 2020

This regularly updated dataset summarises and quantifies discretionary fiscal actions adopted in response to the coronavirus pandemic in various European Union countries, the United Kingdom and the United States. It classifies measures in three categories: (1) immediate fiscal stimulus, (2) deferrals and (3) other liquidity and guarantee measures.

Loan guarantees and other national credit-support programmes in the wake of COVID-19

Last update: 21 December 2021
This dataset provides commitment figures for the main credit support programmes (including loan guarantees) implemented to mitigate the economic effects of COVID-19 in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. Updated monthly, starting March 2020.

Real effective exchange rates for 178 countries: a new database

Last update: 21 June 2022

This database includes real and nominal effective exchange rates from the papers:
- Darvas, Zsolt (2012a) 'Real effective exchange rates for 178 countries: a new database', Working Paper 2012/06, Bruegel, 15 March 2012
- Darvas, Zsolt (2012b) 'Compositional effects on productivity, labour cost and export adjustment', Policy Contribution 2012/11, Bruegel, 22 June 2012

Sovereign Bond Holdings

Last update: 29 April 2020

This dataset collects sectorial holdings of government debt for 12 countries, collected for public sources only. The value of this dataset comes especially from the broad coverage of euro area/EU countries, which to our knowledge is unprecedented.

Global and regional Gini coefficients

Last update: 06 April 2021

This dataset includes annual data from 1988-2017 (or 1980-2018 for EU countries) on global and regional Gini coefficient estimates, using various methodologies, for several country groups.

Eurosystem liquidity

Last update: 9 March 2018

In this dataset, we provide a breakdown of the Eurosystem refinancing operations across countries and LTRO/MRO. While the ECB publishes the total numbers for the euro area, the breakdown across countries is to date not centrally available. We compile the data from the different national central banks.


Latest update: August 2016

EFIGE stands for “European Firms in a Global Economy: internal policies for external competitiveness” and examines the pattern of internationalisation of European firms. It is the follow-up project of the EFIM project - European Firms and International Markets. This new project, led by Bruegel, working together with seven other partners, has received the support of the Directorate General Research of the European Commission through its FP7 programme. It is running from September 1th 2008 to August 31th 2012.

Remerge: regression-based record linkage with an application to PATSTAT

Last update: 28 Septembre 2014

In this dataset we further extend the information content in PATSTAT by linking it to Amadeus, a large database of companies that includes financial information. Patent microdata is now linked to financial performance.